About Us

We are the Association of Australian Magistrates.

The Association of Australian Magistrates was founded in 1978.

It was formed at its inaugural conference which was held in Sydney and was originally known as the Australian Stipendiary Magistrates’ Association.

In 2007 it became incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 1991 (ACT).

On 2 March 2020 AAM was registered as a company limited by guarantee, under the Corporations Act, 2001 (Association of Australian Magistrates, ACN: 639 480 783; ABN: 26639480783).

Since its inception the states and territories have taken turns in hosting the Biennial AAM conference, which has brought together magistrates from all over Australia.  Other important work of AAM includes funding research about and lobbying for reform of Magistrates’ work.


Our Objectives

The object of the association as stated in its Constitution are to:

  • be the representative body of Australian Magistrates nationally and internationally
  • confer and liaise with, and if appropriate, to act in conjunction with all Chief Magistrates, Judicial Conference of Australia, the Australian Institute of Judicial Administration or any other body with objects consistent with any of these
  • ensure the maintenance of a strong and independent judiciary as the third arm of government in Australia
  • promote and improve the quality of the judicial system in Australia
  • promote a better public understanding and appreciation of the role of the judiciary in the administration of justice
  • promote, foster and develop within the executive and legislative arms of government and within the general community, an understanding of the importance of a strong and independent judiciary in Australia
  • promote and encourage continuing legal, social and cross cultural study and learning by all members
  • promote legal research in collaboration with any university or educational institution of similar standing including comparative jurisdictional analysis of courts exercising summary jurisdiction throughout Australia
  • promote and exchange legal, educational, practical or professional information between members and other persons or bodies, nationally and internationally.